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Our Packages

We offer a range of services. In each case we begin with either a form for you to fill in so we understand what you already know about your forebears OR a face-to-face interview to garner the  information. There is a £25 fee for the interview which is refundable against the cost of the package chosen.

Cedar: This is our starter pack, a taster of what you might discover.  Depending on what you already know about your forebears we explore the previous generation (usually great grandparents) using a range of mostly on-line resources across a previous generation to establish where they lived, what they did and when they died.    £185


Copper Beech: Our most popular package. A detailed exploration of relatives using a range of resources to provide a family tree with dates and places where known. Births, marriage and deaths explored for up to 16 stems or branches.



Silver Birch:  A premium service that explores social history in more detail, fleshes out the lifestyles and human interest aspects to provide more than just dates and places. The service can include photographs of significant landmarks in the family's history, newspaper articles and so on.  This package includes a minimum of 12 certificates of either birth, marriage, death where available



Laburnum: All that the Silver Birch package covers plus a beautifully framed family tree - a choice of frame colour and style - mounted with a contrast mount. The tree makes an ideal gift for a wedding or baptism provided the work begins on discovering the ancestry at least four months before the event.  A caligrapher will lovingly lay out the tree details by hand making a unique and attractive item for the home and a discussion point for many years to come - a legacy item to be passed down the generations.  In addition the package includes a minimum of 25 certificates of authenticity for births/marriages and/or deaths.


Note VAT is not applicable for purchases made with Heritage Hunters Ltd.

Bespoke services: Just ask and we can quote a price for a specific research project. 


Please note family tree research involves hours of painstaking exploration of records from a variety of sources - sometimes records may be lost, incomplete or indecipherable. We will make every effort to find all the answers for your family history to be complete but this isn't always possible. Our charges remain the same. If a particular difficulty is encountered we will discuss this with you so that efforts can be shifted to another branch of your tree if that is what would be more productive.

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You will receive either by post or as an email attachment - your choice - a short narrative about your family history plus a simple family tree with names, dates and generalised locations for births and deaths. Your family story will be enriched by information which may come from parish records or census returns. No two families are alike so the results will be unique and cannot be predicted.  In general the Cedar package will establish more about your great grandparents and their siblings.

Copper Beech

Building on the work of the Cedar package the Copper Beech package digs deeper. We provide certificates of proof concerning births, marriages and deaths - subject to availability - items which you get to treasure and pass down within the family. In general you can expect to learn more about your great great grandparents, their lives and experiences. 

Silver Birch

You will receive a detailed document about the lives of your ancestors along with a family tree going back  up to five generations. There will be proofs of some births, marriages and deaths - sources of rich additional information plus some personal touches to bring the past to life.